Craft Subjects

Craft Subjects

"Craft subject" is a natural or legal person, as defined in the Civil Code, who produces goods and performs craft services, according to the list of professions in handicrafts. In craft activity, the work process is not automated to a high degree or is not divided into high scale into separate links, as is typical for industrial production in series.

"Craft activities" are:

a) service craftsmanship, which is the maintenance and repair of facilities, production lines, equipment and machinery, facilities, as well as the performance of other services
b) manufacturing craftsmanship, which is the processing and production of products for the market, which do not have the features of industrial production

c) traditional handicrafts, which is the creation or re-creation of certain objects in a non-industrial manner, in small quantities, based mainly on handicrafts and inherited knowledge of our country, according to the definition of intangible cultural assets, defined in the law on inheritance cultural. This includes handicrafts and home crafts.

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