Congratulations to 12 amazing students who have just been certified with Journeymen Titles after passing the theory and practical exam!
The National Chamber of Crafts in cooperation with the "New Generation" Multifunctional Center have certified 12 students with Assistant Master Titles in the Hairdressing and Aesthetics Sector, who have successfully completed

The final Prema Training event was organized by the Balance Center and the National Chamber of Crafts.
The PREMA concept introduces an integrated, efficient and profitable management of resources in the enterprise. This methodology has been developed and successfully applied in Germany and in more than 56 countries in the world.

Interview in RTSH on craft ventures in the field of aesthetics, as one of the most promising sectors for young people and not only.
Invited to the studio Mr. Koli Sinjari, Secretary General of the National Chamber of Crafts, Mr. Ilir Tafaj, President of SHPPAT and
Mr. Albin Gega, General Director of

The National Chamber of Crafts organized the Seminar on "Managing a Business in Albania: Online Procedures" with Expert Finance!
We had a fantastic turnout from students of the "New Generation" Multifunctional Center and La Griffe Academy who will soon start their own business, as well as other artisan entrepreneurs who are

This workshop was organized by the National Chamber of Crafts in cooperation with the Chamber of Crafts, Koblenz Germany and the Association of Professionals of Care and Body Art.

In the first part of the seminar Mrs. Mimoza Mumajesi, Director of the New Generation Multifunctional Center spoke about SUZ - the first


The National Chamber of Crafts participated in this two-day conference, March 26-27, where there were 4 thematic sessions.
The main goals of this Conference were:
To foster engagement and discussions at the technical level between government actors, private sector representatives, beneficiaries

The National Chamber of Crafts organized today the Seminar "Recognition of professional qualifications" with an expert from the Koblenz Chamber of Crafts, Germany, Mr. Stefan Gustav.

Present in this activity were service providers and institutions that deal with qualification and professional training, which are interested in the recognition of international qualifications

The National Chamber of Crafts, together with the association SHPPAT, participate in the activity organized by the Chamber of Crafts of Skopje, North Macedonia.

1. At the summit of the Chambers of Crafts of the Western Balkans, on the first day, a panel was organized with representatives of the Chambers to

Seminar "Works with new and innovative methods with jewelry"
December 5-6:
The Entrepreneurial Women's Committee of the National Chamber of Crafts, together with the Koblenz Chamber of Crafts, Germany organized a two-day seminar on "Working with new and innovative jewelry methods" in the premises of the National Chamber of Crafts.
On the first

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